NIS President confirms Disgaea 6 to be in development

NIS President Sohei Niikawa has confirmed in an interview that the developer is currently working on Disgaea 6.

Nippon Ichi Software recently released Disgaea 1 Complete for PS4 and the Nintendo Switch, Niikawa showed interest in making more games for the Switch.

I definitely feel the Nintendo Switch is a very appealing platform

And what I mean by appealing is that at home you can play it on your TV and then you can pick it up and play it on the go as well. It’s a platform that’s perfect for people all over the world, that meets everyone’s needs. And as a company, Nippon Ichi Software wants to continue to release more and more games on it.  What really contributed to that decision was Disgaea 5’s success on the platform. We were actually surprised, in terms of sales for North America and Europe, it did much better than our expectations.

When asked about the future of the Disgaea series, Niikawa confirmed the Disgaea team to be working on Disgaea 6, although the game is currently in the very early stages of development.

Yes, it’s been in the works from the preparatory stages from a while back, but in terms in when it will be released and what’s actually going to be in it content-wise, that’s still TBD. It’s still very early.

He was also asked about next-generation consoles and the potential platform for Disgaea 6:

Specifically, [we’re targeting] the PlayStation 4, Switch, and Steam. That’s the general strategy going forward. There’s a lot of talk of PlayStation 5 right now, and I personally don’t know when it’s going to come out, but I know as a company we definitely want to be on there very early – one of the first companies to put something out on it.  This goes back to earlier in the conversation, but again, just going forward [our goal is] making Disgaea 6 up to the level that everyone is expecting.

The latest release in the Disgaea series is Disgaea 1 Complete. An enhanced version of the original release with all to-date DLC include. The game released for PS4 and Switch back in July earlier this year.

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