No Man’s Sky Accidentally Listed For Pre-Order On PS Blog, Removed Quickly, Still Listed On Amazon

No Man’s Sky is currently listed for a release in June 2016 for the PS4 and PC. While the game still hasn’t received a confirmed date of release, it is going to be up for pre-order soon as a mistake was made in a recent blog post on the official PlayStation blog, which listed the game being up for pre-order on March 3rd, 2016.

The blog post had the pre-order of No Man’s Sky for March 3rd and also confirmed its price, which is listed as $59.99. There was also a listing on the official PlayStation Store, both of which appear to have been removed now. The digital version of the game is still up on Amazon but currently unavailable, and hasn’t been removed yet.


No Man’s Sky is an upcoming indie game from Hello Games, who are famous for their Joe Danger series. This is their first major and ambitious project that offers the players the freedom to explore a potentially infinite universe. The world in No Man’s Sky is generated randomly and it is based on the concept of an infinite universe featuring millions of planets. Players can discover new planets with their spaceship and can even name them.

Sony is pretty vocal in the promotion of No Man’s Sky and they seem to be supporting it as their own first party game. It is currently confirmed for PS4 and PC and will be out this June.

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