No Man’s Sky: How To Avoid Game Crashes On PS4

No Man’s Sky is available now for the PS4 and PC. Unfortunately the launch of the game was plagued with some technical issues including crashes. Thankfully the latest patch for the game has managed to fix some of the crashes but in case you are still having issues, you can try to follow the tip listed in this article.

One of the main reason for crashes in No Man’s Sky appears to relate to the Discovery menu. Some players don’t even wait for the Discovery menu to load in full before they back out of it, which can often result in a crash, especially on the PS4.


The trick to solving the crashes with the Discovery menu is to wait for it to load completely before backing out of it. This means that if you exit the Discovery menu while it is still loading information, there is a pretty high chance that the game will crash. If you wait for it to load the whole menu, you can save your valuable time by avoiding a crash and having to reboot the game.

No Man’s Sky is available now for the PS4 and PC. It was developed and published by Hello Games. It has proven to be a smash hit with more than half million copies sold on Steam alone.

Let us know if you have managed to reduce crashes with No Man’s Sky on PS4 in the comments below.

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