No Man’s Sky Dev: We Are Better At Making Games Than Talking About Them

Sean Murray is the lead developer and the founder of Hello Games who has worked on No Man’s Sky. Despite the small size of the development team, No Man’s Sky has ended up being an incredibly ambitious game and received a great support post-launch with major updates. It is set to get another important update this Summer titled as ‘Next.’ The major addition to this update is the ability to play full multiplayer.

Sean Murray was recently on stage at Inside Xbox to talk about the release of his game on the Xbox One. He also shared details on the multiplayer and the lessons that he learned in the past when talking about his game. When the host asked him about their plans for the future of No Man’s Sky, he explained that they have plans to release good, solid content but they will only share them if they are sure that nothing will change for them.

I think that is — that’s an interesting thing, right? We — I think we’re good at — we’re good at making games, right. We’re definitely better at that than talking about it, right? There’s a real hunger in the community to know everything we’re doing and have a complete roadmap and stuff like that. Hopefully you know, we will reward their patience of not having much info with just good, solid content. And we only like to talk about things when they are right. When we are super happy with them. When we know they can’t possibly change. So you know, I — I really like making games, I don’t necessarily love talking about —

From the comments he made, it sure sounds like he has learned from his experience of talking about multiplayer before the launch of the game. He also talked about how he thinks the game is not a ‘reboot’ in a sense that they still have plans for it in the near future.

It’s interesting. We’ve working on it for two years in a way, a year on next and a year on updates previously that this all builds on top of. That’s a really cool thing. We’re lucky that we have a community that cares really deeply about the game, you know. So I get a real kick out of working on updates and kind of feeding them, doing things I know they’ll enjoy. But I don’t know that maybe I will feel one day that No Man’s Sky has been rebooted and it’s kind of done and I can’t think of anything else I want to do with it, but I don’t feel like that actually. At the moment, I am enjoying what we’re doing right now and there’s so many things I kind of get excited about in future.

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No Man’s Sky will get the next major update July 24th for PS4 and PC, the same day it will launch on Xbox One with a retail and digital release.

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