No Man’s Sky Developer Sheds Light On The Game’s Release

No Man’s Sky is one of the most highly anticipated games of 2016. Since the game was revealed at E3 2014, fans have been anxious to get their hands on it. No Man’s Sky was set to be released this past Tuesday, but last month Sony announced that the game will be delayed til August.

Earlier this week, No Man’s Sky developer, Sean Murray published an update on the No Man’s Sky website. In this post, he stated that he has been working hard day in and day out to get the game finished on time. He also mentioned his team and how they are “the hardest working, most talented team” that he has ever worked with.


He also mention how disappointed fans were when the game was delayed from its original release date in June. Murray explained that making a game of this scale has never been attempted by anyone before. He said he has one shot to make this game and he does not want to mess it up. Murray has developed some amazing games in the past like Burnout 3.

This highly anticipated adventure survival game is set to come out on August 9 and it will be available of PlayStation 4 and PC.

Abdullah Raza


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