No Mans Sky explore trailer gives players a glimpse of the universe

Hello Games has released the first of four new trailers for No Man’s Sky ahead of its upcoming release. The trailer is called ‘Explore’, and gives players a grain’s worth of what they’ll be looking forward to discovering in the game’s gigantic universe, with 18 quintillion planets.

Exploration is the foundation of No Mans Sky, as players will spawn, scattered in their own corners of the universe, working toward the game’s main objective – journeying to the center of the universe. To do this, players will need to survive and collect a variety of resources across an unlimited variety of planets in order to upgrade their suits and ships. Once doing so, they may finally leave their solar system, and trek further and further, perhaps in an attempt to explore as many planets as they possibly can, or work towards reaching the center.

Here’s the game’s Explore trailer:

In the next three weeks, videos regarding the other core elements of the game, titled ‘Fight, Trade and Survive’, will be released as confirmed by Sony. No man’s Sky is set to release in less than a month, after it was initially delayed from June 21. The game arrives in stores on August 8 for the PS4 and PC.

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