No Man’s Sky – Foundation Update Trailer Released By Sony

After years of hype, Hello Games’ No Man’s Sky was one of the most disappointing titles this year. With thousands of fans looking forward to get their hands on the game, No Man’s Sky was a huge let down. Despite all the hate surrounding the game, Hello Games is still working on updates for it and are trying to redeem themselves. The upcoming Foundation Update aims to make tons of changes to the game.

The developers are calling it the ‘Foundation Update’ as it sets the foundation for future updates and new features. The official PlayStation EU Youtube channel released a trailer for the upcoming update, which showcases some of the features that the update will introduce. Check out the trailer below:

The update will introduce a feature that will allow players deploy equipment on the field, which gives players the ability to build save points at any time. The update will also improve the user interface for the players, allowing players to access a menu which makes accessing items in your inventory faster and much more convenient.

Items can now be stacked, which will increase cargo size and will allow you to carry more materials. A new feature that many are looking forward to is the ability to claim home planets, where they can build their own base of operations. The base you build will act as a shelter and will protect you from the hazardous environment that some planets might have.

No Man's Sky explore Foundation update

In your base, you can hire alien lifeforms. Farming, weaponry, science and engineering are some of the aspects these aliens specialize in. They can help you research and make new discoveries in these departments.

Another feature that the Foundation update will introduce is the ability to quick travel between a space station and home planet by using a terminus teleporter. You can also purchase a freighter, however, it will cost you a pretty penny.

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All of these features and more will be available soon for all No Man’s Sky players. Regardless of how much hate the developers are getting, Hello Games is still working on the game. What are your thoughts on the upcoming update? Let us know in the comments below.

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