No Man’s Sky: How To Get 48 Slots Ship For Free

No Man’s Sky is essentially a game that revolves around exploration and mining. Since it is important to gather many resources, players will have to gain access to a ship that has a great number of slots for carrying them.

While the average slots for a ship that can be found in the wild usually range from 20 to 30 slot, there is a way to get 48 slots ship completely free of cost. You can check out this ship in the screenshot below.


If we try to buy a ship with 48 slots, it will be next to impossible as the asking price is around 100 million. Thankfully there is a trick to get a high slot ship for free.

Turns out that finding such a ship is actually relatively easy. All it requires is locating crashed ships on the various planets around the galaxy and then repairing them. The trick here is though that the crashed ships that are discovered need to have an inventory size that is atleast 1 point higher than the current player ship.

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To find a crashed ship, you need to fly to any planet and keep a look out for orange beams. Once you have located an orange beam, land there and craft and insert a bypass chip. Choose for ‘Transmission’. If you manage to locate a ‘Transmission Tower’, go there. If it’s something else, craft another chip and try again until you get ‘Transmission Tower’.

Once you have located a ‘Transmission Tower’, you will find an easy puzzle to solve there. Completing this puzzle will reward the player with the location of a crashed ship. Fly to the ship to check out its stats and if it has more inventory space than your current ship, you can transfer your items to the new ship and abandon your old one.

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This might take a few hours but you will be able to eventually locate a 48 slots ship free of cost. If you want to repair a crashed ship, it is recommended to repair only the pulse engine and the launch thruster. In addition, you can also dismantle the ships that you leave behind to get some rare materials.

No Man’s Sky is available now for the PS4 and PC.

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