No Man’s Sky Has Gone Gold, Ready For Release In August

No Man’s Sky is an upcoming indie game from developer Hello Games. It is an incredibly complex game that features a procedural generated galaxy featuring thousands of planets. The game has an ultimate potential for those who love to explore a huge world in a game.

No Man’s Sky director and head of Hello Games, Sean Murray recently confirmed that the game has officially went Gold today. This means that the full game is now feature complete and in a shape to be sent to the publisher for the purpose of manufacturing discs.

Sean Murray shared the photo of the development team at Hello Games currently working on No Man’s Sky and confirmed the Gold status of the game.

Interestingly, the disc that we can see in the photo confirms that the final game might end up being less than 25 GB in size.


No Man’s Sky is currently confirmed for a release on August 9th, 2016 for the PS4 and PC. It is being developed by a small team at indie developer Hello Games, although Sony seems to be betting big on it and has fully supported the developer with marketing by showcasing it at their major conferences throughout its development.

It was originally revealed at VGX 2014 and was immediately recognized for the immense potential it showed at that time. It remains to be seen whether the final game delivers on the promises shared by Sean Murray.

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