No Man’s Sky Is Coming To Xbox One, Gets Gorgeous Boxart And New Update Details

Hello Games has announced the release window for No Man’s Sky for the Xbox One. They have also confirmed that a brand new update will also release alongside the Xbox One version titled ‘Next.’ This update will add new content to the game and implement some major changes that they will slowly reveal over the coming days.

No Man’s Sky is being published by 505 Games for the Xbox One. The boxart for the Xbox One version is really gorgeous and seems to be a lot better than the original boxart. You can view it below along with a teaser trailer for the upcoming update.

When No Man’s Sky originally launched for the PS4 and PC, it quickly faced criticism from the fans because of its lack of content and false marketing by the developers that promised things that never made their way to the final game. It took a while for the developers to add more content but the game appears to be in a much better place now compared to its initial launch.

No Man’s Sky will launch with all of the major updates included on the Xbox One. This also includes the Next update which will be available to all the PC and PS4 players once it arrives this Summer.

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