No Man’s Sky Launch Price Listed As $49.99 For Xbox One

No Man’s Sky will be finally coming out for the Xbox One after launching as a PS4 console exclusive along with PC. This release was a surprise however the release of No Man’s Sky has been rather rocky with lack of content at launch. The release date for Xbox One version coincides with the next major update for all platforms which is titled as ‘Next.’

Amazon has now listed the price for the Xbox One version of No Man’s Sky and it is available to pre-order for $49.99. The game launched back in 2016 for the PS4 so the price point seems to be a little too expensive for such an old release, although it is still up to the developers to decide a price for their product.

No Man’s Sky has also been available in sale on both the PS4 and PC for as low as $19.99. The price point for the Xbox One version might be hard to swallow if we consider the PS4 and PC version, however if you have waited a long time for it to come for the Xbox One, you might be able to get it no matter the price.

No Man’s Sky was developed by indie studio Hello Games. They have previously worked on small scale games like Joe Danger and No Man’s Sky was their first large scale and ambitious project. Unfortunately it suffered through a rushed development cycle and ended up lacking content at launch leading to backlash among the fans.

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