No Man’s Sky Multiplayer Is Like ‘Battlestar,’ Has Base Building, Dogfights And Racing

No Man’s Sky was recently confirmed to get full multiplayer after the cover art was leaked showing different characters interacting together on the same planet. Sean Murray was recently on stage at Inside Xbox livestream to talk about No Man’s Sky and he has shared some details on the game’s upcoming multiplayer update: NEXT.

When asked about what fans can expect from the multiplayer, and what kind of freedom it will offer in the game, Murray was excited to share their plans for it.

This is different. It’s more Battlestar. It’s like Star Trek. It’s fun and funny, and emergent ,and kind of intense. So you can play it with a bunch of your friends. A small group of your friends can go exploring or you can come across random strangers and other traveler. You can pair up together in a team and like just work together to survive.

So like we have got base building as well. So you can build bases together. You can build everything from tiny, little shelters to complex colonies spread across multiple planets. They’re all online, other people can come and visit and find them.

Expanding on his earlier comments, he also confirmed that players will be able to race together in multiplayer. They can be also involved in big space battles online.

We have a very broad game. We have space as well dogfighting. You can be involved in big space battles, be a pilot or wingman. Something I love, which is a thing we added in our updates [are] vehicles. So you can race those against your friends. You can build racetracks on alien planets or lay down trail of your favorite path, a kind of scenic route. So I think this is like potential that everyone has always seen in No Man’s Sky, it’s something that — I don’t know, it’s kind of game that myself and a lot of other people have wanted to play in a multiplayer world and I am just excited to do that.

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No Man’s Sky will launch on July 24th for the Xbox One. It will also get the Next update for PS4 and PC users that comes with the multiplayer support.

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