No Man’s Sky Rated T For Teen By ESRB

ESRB has given Hello Games’ No Man’s Sky a T rating. They have also written a general description of what to expect from the game including aerial and ground based battles that can be considered as “frenetic” and result in some “screen-shaking effects”.

No Man’s Sky has gone gold a few days ago and is now set for a release this August for the PS4 and PC. It was developed by a very small team at indie developer Hello Games and just like the developer, the game is extremely small in size.


ESRB description for No Man’s Sky is certainly interesting and it can be read below.

This is a space-exploration adventure game in which players assume the role of a planetary explorer on a quest to reach the center of the universe. From a first-person perspective, players travel between planetary systems to explore alien worlds for resources, upgrade equipment, and discover unique life forms. As players pilot spacecrafts to different planets, they can engage in space combat against enemy ships and space pirates; combat is accompanied by laser fire and large explosions. While on the planet surface, players can use a variety of gun-like weapons and melee attacks to defeat both aggressive and non-aggressive alien creatures. Ground battles can be frenetic at times with frequent laser blasts, screen-shaking effects, and large explosions.

No Man’s Sky is out on August 10th for the PS4 and PC.

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