No Man’s Sky To Receive Foundation Update Soon

I think it’s safe to say that No Man’s Sky was the biggest disappointment of this year. After years of creating hype for the title, Hello Games failed to deliver on what was promised to be a very revolutionary game. Now, after months of absolute silence from the developer, we have learned that a new update is incoming for the game.

Titled The Foundation Update, the patch is not only going to add a much needed base building feature to the game, but will also be laying the foundation for many more features and updates to come. Hence the name.


Following No Man’s Sky’s less than ideal release, there was an almost violent outcry from fans about a number of promised features missing from the game. Not only did this end up with players getting refunds from PSN and Steam, but also caused Hello Games to be put under investigation for charges of false advertising by the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA).

The original blog post regarding the Foundation Update, found here, explains how the developers have quietly been listening to the complaints, and are currently working hard on fixing the game and adding the promised features. Detailed patch notes will also be released soon.

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Released on 9th August, 2016, No Man’s Sky is available now on the PlayStation 4 and the PC.

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