No Man’s Sky Devs Open Support Page To Report Bugs, Working On New PS4 Patch

No Man’s Sky developer Hello Games has created a new support section on the official website of the game. This section is aimed at the users who are having various bugs and crashes with their copy of the game on the PS4.

Hello Games is currently working on the PC version of the game and as explained by the developers, the team is rather small for a game of this caliber, hence their PS4 patch might take some time to be released.

No Man's Sky

They have also confirmed some of the bugs that they are currently working on, and they encourage the players who have bought their game to help them by reporting the bugs that they encounter in the game. You can head over to the support page on the official website of No Man’s Sky to report these bugs.

No Man's Sky Confirmed To Have No Multiplayer, Other Players Not Visible

Hello Games are currently working on a patch for some of the issues that were reported by the community. In addition, they have also clarified some of the pre-order bonuses for PS4.

People who have pre-ordered the game and want to redeem their special items may not be seeing them because they are named differently in the game.

The Alpha Vector ship is named Domanish S84 in-game, and (in the US) the Rezosu AZ65 is named Final Shadow XIV in game.  (if you still don’t see them please contact support as per above)

No Man’s Sky is available now for the PS4 and will launch on August 12th for the PC.

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