No Man’s Sky Updated Xbox One Cover Art Teases Full Multiplayer

No Man’s Sky might get a second life later this year with the launch of the Xbox One version of the game. After initially failing to meet the hype and lacking any functional multiplayer mode, the developers tried to implement a quick fix for multiplayer but there was never any proper co-op support for the game.

This might change with the release of the upcoming Xbox One version and the NEXT update, which is also coming to PC and PS4. As discovered on the official website (via resetERA), there is a cover art for the game that shows multiple players exploring around on a planet. You can view it in action below.

This new cover art was set to be revealed this month so maybe this was an early leak. In any case, there is no doubt that it shows that multiplayer might be possible now after installing the new update. All of the previous iterations of the cover art for the game always featured a single character model.

No Man’s Sky was initially launched exclusively for the PS4 and PC in 2016. The game received a lot of controversy at launch due to the lack of content and broken promises from the developer that they had made in interviews before the launch of the game. Considering the scope of the developer Hello Games, it is not surprising that they ended up taking a while to deliver on their promises since No Man’s Sky always felt like an incredibly ambitious game.

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