No Man’s Sky Is Currently The Top Selling Game On Steam, Also Top 5 On Xbox One

No Man’s Sky has received a new life with the most recent NEXT update that has completely revamped the base game. This is the more recent and perhaps the biggest content update to the game that is available for free of cost, however, it is also the version released for the Xbox One in time for its launch.

While the game was a smashing success at launch, the critical reception was mostly mixed due to the lack of content and a mess of a marketing campaign that promised things that never made their way to the game in time for launch. This led to a huge backlash even though the game was a massive success for indie developer Hello Games.

No Man's Sky Dev: We Are Better At Making Games Than Talking About Them

The release of NEXT marks a significant milestone in the release history of No Man’s Sky. It has finally added a co-op multiplayer to the game and this is just one of the many new additions in the most recent NEXT update. There is a huge list of other improvements including a third person camera, revamped story mode and much more, that are now a part of No Man’s Sky.

This strategy seems to have paid off well for Hello Games who are currently offering No Man’s Sky one a discount of 50% off on the PS4 and PC. While No Man’s Sky hasn’t made its way to the top sellers on the PS4 in the US or UK, it is currently the top 5 seller on Xbox One in the US and just a little under in the UK at number 6. It is also the best selling game on Steam at the time of writing this article.

No Man’s Sky is also doing well in the concurrent player count on Steam. It is impressive how the number of players is actually slowly increasing with time on Steam. This shows that the new update has a rather positive word of mouth on almost every platform.

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