No Man’s Sky Update 1.09 Reportedly Removes Stacking Exploit

Hello Games has released a brand new update for their indie hit. No Man’s Sky. This update should be available to download on the PS4 and PC.

The size of this download is around 733 MB on the PS4. According to early reports, the update has removed the stacking exploit however players can still use any of their existing stock after the update.

There are no full patch notes available for this update but judging from the size, it appears to be rather substantial update. In addition to removing the stacking exploit, this update also reportedly makes some minor changes including improvements to the graphics and sound.

No Man’s Sky was a critically panned game at launch. The main criticism against the game was the lack of features that were promised by the game director, Sean Murray. Among them, multiplayer was the most common complaint shared by the players.


No Man’s Sky developer Hello Games has assured that they will keep supporting the game post-launch with new updates free of cost. Since then, they have released more than half dozen updates for bug fixes and adding some features. It remains to be seen what kind of difference further updates will bring to the game.

Let us know if you have noticed any other changes in the game after installing the latest patch in the comments below.

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