No Man’s Sky Update Version 1.54 Is Out Now, Patch Notes Inside

Hello Games has released another update for No Man’s Sky this week. This is their 4th update after the launch of the major NEXT patch that has completely revamped the game. Judging from the download size of this update, which is rather small, it is likely that this mostly fixes some of the reported bugs by the players. There was also a save-corrupting bug on the Xbox One although the official patch notes don’t really mention it.

This update is available to download now on the PS4 although there is no sign of this update hitting the Xbox One so far. It is likely that the Xbox One version will also receive the same update. If you are playing on PC, chances are that you have already download this patch.

The following are the official patch notes for this update version 1.54. You can read about the previous update from here.

Bug fixes:

  • Fix for crash while reloading mission markers from save
  • Fix for issue where invalid characters could be inserted into a save, causing it to fail to load
  • Switched to using lockless small block allocator for physics to reduce memory footprint
  • Fix for occasional crash when looking up data about substances in UI pages

No Man’s Sky is available now for the PS4, Xbox One and PC. The game was developed and published by Hello Games.

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