No Man’s Sky Update Version 1.75 (Visions) Details Leaked

No Man’s Sky update version 1.75 has leaked earlier than the expected reveal, and it seems to be a massive one that adds another set of new content and makes several improvements.

This leak was discovered through the official Hello Games Youtube channel which somehow had the trailer for No Man’s Sky update version 1.75 titled Visions. The trailer revealed some of the improvements that are coming to the game as part of a new patch update. It also had a link to the update page on the official website, but the page is not live yet so there is no estimated date for it.

No Man’s Sky hasn’t received any major game update for more than 2 weeks now, so fans were left wondering if the support for the game had ended. Turns out that Hello Games had other plans and this is seen with this massive new update. Since releasing NEXT update, Hello Games has two major ‘expansions’ with Abyss and now Visions.

No Man’s Sky Update Version 1.75 (Visions) Patch Notes; What Does It Do?

There are no official patch notes available for it due to the nature of the leak but here is a summary of what to expect from this update.

  • New Worlds
  • Improved color palette
  • Alien artifact collection
  • Crashed freighters are now procedural. Can be ‘raided’
  • Rainbows
  • New fauna
  • Salvageable alien scrap
  • 5x the planetary biomes
  • Corrupt sentinel drones
  • Archeology. Digging up rare alien skeletal remains
  • New emotes
  • Global community missions
  • Visual enhancements including skies and atmospherics
  • New precious materials
  • Harsher environments
  • Fireworks
  • New base parts

The trailer is still available to view and can be seen on YouTube. It is unlisted though and maybe we will get an update about it soon.

No Man’s Sky is available now on the PS4, Xbox One, and PC.

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