No Man’s Sky Will Require Xbox Live Gold or PS Plus For Online Co-op Multiplayer

No Man’s Sky is releasing for the first time on Xbox One tomorrow. The game is being published by 505 Games while Hello Games are releasing a huge NEXT update on all platforms that will be a part of the Xbox One version at launch.

NEXT is the biggest update to No Man’s Sky yet with the inclusion of 4 players online multiplayer. This is the first time since launch when players will get a chance to play together, and while it is still limited to just 4 players in co-op, this is still a great milestone for the game bringing it closer to the original vision.

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There was confusion surrounding the use of Xbox Live Gold or PS Plus needed for online multiplayer since No Man’s Sky launched mainly as an offline game. This has now been clarified by the publisher 505 Games who has stated that “you will need the appropriate online subscriptions to play online.”

No Man’s Sky NEXT was announced along with the Xbox One version. The news about the multiplayer was leaked through the boxart which led fans to speculate that it might be a part of it. This was confirmed recently by Hello Games.

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No Man’s Sky is already available for the PC and PS4. Those who own a copy on the respective platforms can download the NEXT update free tomorrow, while Xbox One users can also enjoy the game now once it launches on July 24.

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