No One Knows How Much Content Hitman Will Have At Launch, Not Even IO Head

IO Interactive’s much anticipated Hitman installment has had a lot of talks about it being an almost-episodic game with the continuous delivery of  free content for several months after the game’s launch. Although it seems no one knows how much original content Hitman will have when it launches, not even IO Interactive head Hannes Seifer.

Seifer talked about IO’s development plan for Hitman and that they still didn’t decide how much content the game will originally have at launch or how big the extra additional content will be. He mentioned that they may have decided this shortly after Gamescom.

“We will [announce what content is available day one] very soon after Gamescom,” Seifert told GamingBolt. “This is a huge opportunity for us to listen to the world and to align with everybody. Based on that we will communicate our roll-out plan. We also need to complete it because I don’t want to promise a roll-out plan we can’t keep. We need to be very sure about this is the quality we can achieve and this is the point in time we can deliver it. When we promise that we will be good with that. That’s why it takes a little bit [of time] to make this plan solid. But I fully agree, before someone makes the commitment to buy the game they need to know what they’re getting. And that’s what we have to communicate in a very crystal clear way.”

Hitman is scheduled to launch digitally first on December 8th for PS4, Xbox One and PC then via retail with no set release date yet.

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