Noctis Play Arts Kai figure announced, prototype shown off

Square’s next big title is Final Fantasy XV as Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII arrived in Japan a couple of weeks ago. To segway into promotion of the next game Square Enix Merchendise manager Hidemi-san showed off the prototype Noctis Play Arts Kai figure that is being created under guidance of Noctis’ creator and Final Fantasy XV director Tetsuya Nomura.

Although Hidemi-san didn’t provide any more information about the figure, fans can expect it to hit stores after Q2 of 2014 as these figures tend to take a lot of time going from prototype phases to a finished product.


I personally really like the design and will be definitely getting one if the price doesn’t turn out to be outrageous, what about you? Final Fantasy XV was announced back at E3 for the PS4 and Xbox One but we think it might be quite some time till we see the game in stores.

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