Nomura on Kingdom Hearts III Re:Mind DLC, Limit Cut Episode, Keyblades and more

Kingdom Hearts III co-director and series creator talked in detail about the upcoming Re:Mind DLC in an interview published in this week’s issue of Famitsu. The interview has him talk about game length, different keyblades and playable characters.

Below are the interesting tidbits from the interview.

  • Oathkeeper, one of Sora’s signature Keyblades will be released as DLC around the same time as the Re:Mind DLC as a separate add-on. The Keyblade was notably absent from the game after being featured in almost every single Kingdom Hearts title and it’s great to see it coming back. Oblivion next?
  • No cutscenes or footage from the Limit Cut Episode were seen in the previous trailer. It was mostly made up from scenes in the additional scenario.
  • The team is aiming for the same amount of additional bosses as Kingdom Hearts II Final Mix for the Final Cut Episode.
  • The DLC will have an additional scenario, Limit Cut Episode and its associated bosses, a secret episode and its bosses.
  • They want to release it before Final Fantasy VII Remake, which comes out on March 3, 2020. That’s quite the un-specific time slot.
  • Fans will be able to play as Roxas and others in the additional scenario similar to playable sections with Riku and Aqua in the base game.
  • The additional scenario is standalone and is playable after completing the base story.

Thoughts on interview?

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Personally I really hope they release the DLC soon, Nomura seems to be willing to answer some of the questions about the game’s ending in the additional scenario and honest I can’t wait!

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