Nomura Will Reconsider WW Launch After Kingdom Hearts 3, Explains How To Unlock Secret Movie

Kingdom Hearts 3 director Tetsuya Nomura is angry at the game leaking early and has talked about changing how retail games are distributed for a worldwide launch. He also explained how to unlock the secret movie.

This interview was conducted by Japanese magazine Famitsu in which Nomura talked about the game. Regarding the game leaking early, he expressed concerns about the stolen copies and said that he is reconsidering the worldwide release of games that he is involved in for the future. This will apply to the retail release and not necessarily digital games.

The requirements for the secret movie in Kingdom Hearts 3 were also hinted and they seem to relate to the new selfie mechanic that you can perform in Kingdom Hearts 3. You can find Mickey symbols in the world where taking a selfie will register them.

Lastly, they have no plans for DLC but if they do release one, it will be one big DLC rather than small ones. They also want to look into free DLC but Nomura doesn’t plan to spend much time with it and rather work on the next game.

Kingdom Hearts 3 will be out on January 29th for the PS4 and Xbox One.

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