NPD Analyst Predicts Best Launch Month Sales For Insomniac Games With Spider-Man PS4

Spider-Man PS4 will be out on September 7th so there is not much time left in the game’s launch. As the release date draws near, the hype around the game is also slowly increasing and the reviews for it have praised it so far, making it another hit for the PlayStation 4 library.

NPD Analyst Matt Piscatella seems to be extremely positive for the sales success of Spider-Man PS4 and has shared his expectations for the game’s launch month and overall sales. He first talked about the good review scores having a positive effect on the overall sales for the game.

He later clarified his prediction in more detail explaining where he expects the game to end up in the overall top 10 sales for the year in North America.

The previous record for the best launch month sales for Insomniac Games belongs to Ratchet and Clank on the PS4. It is also their most successful release so far surpassing their older releases. It is easy to see why Spider-Man PS4 will end up surpassing it, however, the reason why it won’t top Arkham Knight is that the latter was multiplatform release and one of the biggest launches of its respective year.

Marvel’s Spider-Man is up for pre-load now, and the day one patch notes are also available to view ahead of its launch. You can also check out a new suit for Spider-Man that was apparently added in the latest update.

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