April NPD Sales Result Shows Another PS4 Victory In Hardware, TitanFall In Software

NPD sales result are out and according to the figures, Microsoft’s Xbox One sales seem to have hit an all time low based on the sales figure for the console. Meanwhile, PlayStation 4 faces drop in sales as well but still manages to be the best selling hardware for the month of April according to NPD.

The Xbox One sold a grand total of 115k units according to official figures from Microsoft. The PlayStation 4 sales number is not known but it was the top-selling hardware for the month of April.

On the software front, TitanFall rose to the top of the chart with the release of its Xbox 360 SKU, which was the highest selling one ahead of the Xbox One and PC SKU. The rest of the chart can be seen below, courtesy of GameIndustry.biz.


Microsoft recently announced a new Kinect-Less SKU for Xbox One that will retail for $400. This announcement was rather surprising and seems premature as it could be well suited for E3. This also angered a lot of fans who brought the original Xbox One bundle with Kinect, and were feeling betrayed by Microsoft’s 180 regarding their policies, especially since they promised a lot of cool stuff using Kinect. These latest sales result for Xbox One definitely show why Microsoft got desperate and decided to announce an Xbox One SKU to price match the PS4. Still, it is hard to say anything about the sales success of this new SKU.

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