NVIDIA 860M and 960M’s latest drivers broken, making games unplayable

What’s up with manufacturers screwing up drivers lately? First AMD’s new Crimson drivers started killing GPUs and now many readers have been emailing us that NVIDIA’s latest drivers for the 860M and 960M mobile GPUs are broken as well.

The problem isn’t as severe as the AMD GPUs luckily but the new NVIDIA drivers are still making most games unplayable. Recent and popular games like Fallout 4 and Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 which are expected to be properly optimized in the drivers after release are facing constant frame rate drops, crashes and visual bugs on the aforementioned GPUs.

Some users are even reporting that Windows will stop recognising the GPU and use the on-board Intel GPU only causing them to do a full on reinstallation of their drivers. The complaints on the official forums have surpassed 50 pages but NVIDIA is still to admit the issues.


The biggest slap in the face is that some games like EA’s Star Wars: Battlefront have a driver check in place, so if you play the game on older drivers you’ll be forced to update to play the game. Here’s to hoping NVIDIA admits to the issue and releases a fix soon, bad drivers aren’t fun!

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