Nvidia brings PS4’s Share Play feature to PC

Nvidia is updating its GeForce Experience software through which it will give PC gamers the option to stream a game to another user’s PC over the Internet, and play cooperatively without the need for both users to own the game. The new feature is called GameStream co-op, and is launching alongside the forthcoming beta release of GeForce Experience in the weeks to come.

Nvidia brings PS4's Share Play feature to PC

The new feature will offer three different modes.

  • Observe the host PC’s game
  • Mirror and take over controls of the host PC on the guest PC
  •  Coop play between the host and guest PCs.

Of course, games will actually need to support offline coop in order for the third mode to function. GameStream co-op will make use of the same technology that is used for Nvidia’s GameStream service. However, while GameStream allows allows you to stream a game over a local network at 1080p, GameStream coop will only support 720p streaming at 60 FPS for now. It will use h.264 encoding, and will require a minimum recommended upload speed of 6Mbps.

The new Nvidia GeForce Experience update will also bring another exciting feature, namely a new user interface for its ShadowPlay DVR capture suite. It will come with a new overlay that will provide you quick access to ShadowPlay. The idea is to make it easier for you to start/stop recording, activate instant play recording, and perform quick edits and upload directly to YouTube. The new overlay will also come with built-in support for Twitch streaming, in addition to recording options for microphones and webcams.

Thanks Ars Technica.

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