Nvidia GTX 1070 Specifications Revealed, Comparison With GTX 1080

Nvidia has released the hardware specifications for their upcoming GTX 1070 that is set to release alongside the GTX 1080 as the next generation graphics cards.

Nvidia GTX 1070 is the cheaper sibling of GTX 1080 and from the detailed specifications, it appear to be a little behind GTX 1080, although with a much more attractive price. You can check out the full system specifications below and see how they compare against GTX 1080.

Architecture Pascal 16nm FinFET Pascal 16nm FinFET
GPU  GP104-400  GP104-200
Streaming Multiprocessors 20 15
CUDA Cores 2560 1920
TMUs 160 120
ROPs 64 64 (TBC)
FP32 Computing Power (Base Clock) 8.2 TFLOPs 5.8 TFLOPs
FP32 Computing Power (Boost Clock) 8.9 TFLOPs 6.5 TFLOPs
Memory Type 8GB GDDR5X 8GB GDDR5
Base Clock 1607 MHz 1506 MHz
Boost Clock  1733 MHz 1683 MHz
Memory Clock 1250 MHz 2000 MHz
Effective Memory Clock 10000 MHz 8000 MHz
Memory Bus 256-bit 256-bit
Memory Bandwidth 320 GB/s 256 GB/s
TDP 180W 150W
Power Connectors 1x 8pin 1x 8pin
MSRP $599 Base Price
$699 FE
$379 Base Price
$449 FE

While GTX 1070 won’t be out until June 10th, we should be getting benchmarks for it as the release date draws near. It should be interesting to compare the performance between both of these graphics card considering the price difference.

Let us know what you think about these specifications in the comments below.

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