NVIDIA GTX 1180 set for July 30 release, priced between $720-730 [Rumor]

The latest NVIDIA flagship GPU, the NVIDIA GTX 1180 is rumored to release next month.

The card is supposedly named the GTX 1180 as speculated for a while.

The rumor comes in from YouTuber GamerMeld who claims the information if from an anonymous board partner.

The card will come with 8GB of RAM, supposedly of the GDDR6 variant. It’s also said to support DirectX 12.5 and 13.

The partner card will be priced between $720-$730, which is fairly expensive. The Founder Edition, if it gets released, will be even more expensive considering the price of previous FE cards.

The card is expected to hit store shelves on July 30, if a FE gets released expect it to be available even sooner.

Expect to hear more about the GTX 1180 in the coming weeks.

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