Nvidia VP on Next-Gen Consoles: “There’s no way a 200W Xbox is going to beat a 1,000W PC”

Nvidia is in the limelight these days. First they announced that they are working with the SteamOS and boasting on how much powerful PCs are as compared to consoles. Given that Nvidia was skipped by both the titans of console manufacturers who opted to go with AMD this time, it is understandable that it is siding with the PC gamers and assuring them each and every way.

During an interview with PC Powerplay, Nvidia’s senior vice president of technology Tomy Tamasi stated that the PCs will leave the consoles behind, again.

By the time of the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3, the consoles were on par with the PC…

If you look inside those boxes, they’re both powered by graphics technology by AMD or NVIDIA, because by that time all the graphics innovation was being done by PC graphics companies.

Of course he’s Nvidia’s senior VP, he’s supposed to say stuff like this for the benefit of the company, shouldn’t he? Well he’s not far off and completely in the wrong here. The current-generation of the consoles ran a lifespan of seven-to-eight years whereas the generation before that had a lifespan of five-to-six years. Sony and Microsoft had both stated that the upcoming next-generation of their consoles may run a lifespan of  ten years. By the time the consoles reach their prime, most of the PCs will be decently upgraded to allow more visually powerful gaming and the consoles will look like power-starved PCs.

“The consoles have power budgets of only 200 or 300 Watts, so they can put them in the living room, using small fans for cooling, yet run quietly and cool…

And that’s always going to be less capable than a PC, where we spend 250W just on the GPU. There’s no way a 200W Xbox is going to be beat a 1000W PC.”

Nvidia has been partnering up with Valve on the new SteamOS by making its drivers available for Linux. Something the PC gamers who prefer more independence have been asking for a long, long time. Recently AMD launched its new lineup of GPUs that rival directly with Nvidia’s top-end GPU lineup, along with the release was an API called ‘Mantle’ that will allow developers to port GCN architecture easily to PC by means of low-level high-performance drivers.

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