The Outer Worlds announced by Obsidian Entertainment

One of the biggest announcements of the 2018 Video Game Awards came from Obsidian Entertainment with their announcement of Outer Worlds. The 2018 Video Game Awards have been nothing but amazing with tons of surprise premieres and Red Dead dominating the award categories.

The Outer Worlds is an open-space RPG with a heavy focus on dialogue and player choices. You will play in a first person perspective and explore the outer reaches of the galaxy, or ‘The Outer Worlds’. The original Fallout and Fallout: New Vegas developers are working together on its development process. As one can expect, humor plays a heavy element in the Outer Worlds. Several Fallout-esque elements make their way out in the trailer. Check it out below.

Microsoft just recently acquired Obsidian Entertainment, but the game is being published by Private Division. Private Division is a publishing company under Take Two Interactive. TakeTwo also owns Rockstar and 2K Games.

We’re still unsure whether Microsoft’s Obsidian acquisition will allow for it’s availability on Game Pass or any exclusivity as of yet.

Outer Worlds will be releasing on PS4, Xbox One, and PC on Steam. No release date has been given yet.

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