Octopath Traveler Is Already The Best Selling Third Party Nintendo Switch Game In 2018 On Amazon

Octopath Traveler launched on July 13 to critical acclaim and the game also faced stock shortage due to high demand. The initial shipment of the game in Japan was immediately sold out and it held the top position digitally on Nintendo eShop in most regions.

When it comes to the Nintendo Switch software, it is usually dominated by first party games that are developed and published by Nintendo themselves. This is why it is rare to see a game like Octopath Traveler making its way to the top of the best sellers, not for a week or day, but for total sales of the year so far. This was the case with the best selling gaming products of 2018 on Amazon USA, which is updated daily.

Octopath Traveler is currently occupying position 34 on the list of best sellers for 2018 for Amazon. It is 4 position behind Mario Tennis Aces that launched a month earlier. The other first-party software that has sold more than it includes sales giant like Mario and Zelda. Kirby Star Allies is also ahead of Octopath but it launched a while ago.

Octopath Traveler Has Different Case Artwork For Every Region, Comparison Inside

Speaking of Amazon UK, the game has also managed to chart there and settles at position 70 out of the top 100. It seems to be doing great there as well and ranks number 1 in the best selling chart that is updated hourly.

This is a remarkable success for Square Enix and shows that a good third party game can sell. While Octopath Traveler was developed by Square Enix, it was published by Nintendo in the Western markets. It is still a third party game like Hyrule Warriors that was developed by Koei Tecmo. More importantly, this is a completely unprecedented result for a new IP that is also a JRPG.

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