Octopath Traveler Has Different Case Artwork For Every Region, Comparison Inside

Octopath Traveler is available to play now on the Nintendo Switch. It was developed by Square Enix while Nintendo has taken the duties of the publisher. The game is getting great reviews from critics and has suffered through shortages due to the high demand, both in Japan and America. It is also getting great digital sales in America, Europe, and Japan.

If you are a collector, there is a good chance you might enjoy getting all the regional copies for Octopath Traveler, since they all have their own individual artwork inside the case. You can view all of them below, they were shared by Reddit users Pixl, Carpastek and Twitter user JohnTV.

First is the North American case with the artwork featuring all the main characters. The second is the European case with a different artwork that has the whole party overlooking a castle in a forest. Lastly, the Japanese case one looks like it is the best one so far with a short profile and pixel artwork for all the 8 main characters.

Octopath Traveler is an old-school turn-based JRPG that features 8 different playable characters. It was released exclusively for the Nintendo Switch on July 13th. The game is developed by Square Enix and published by Nintendo.

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