Octopath Traveler Is The Best Selling Digital Game In America, Europe And Japan

Octopath Traveler has launched last week exclusively for the Nintendo Switch, however, there were reports of low stock and shortage in Japan and America. Even though this situation was nowhere ideal since Nintendo was the publisher, the digital sales of the game seem to be trending upwards and dethroning games like Hollow Knight and Minecraft.

We decided to take a look at the list of best seller for America, Europe, and Japan, now that Octopath is available for a week. The results seem to suggest that the game has not only surpassed expectations with its physical sales, it is also doing really well digitally and currently occupies the top spot in eShop sales in America and Japan. The only region where it didn’t claim the top spot was in Europe, but even then, it occupied the number 2 position which is impressive on its own.

Octopath Traveler Has Different Case Artwork For Every Region, Comparison Inside

You can have a look at the best selling games in the images below.

Despite the high price for a game that can be bought cheaply at retail with some retailer promotions, it is interesting to see how it sells well on the Nintendo eShop. I don’t recall this being the case for every big game that launched on the Nintendo Switch and it is entirely possible that the positive reviews and good word of mouth have helped the game here to achieve such good sales.

Octopath Traveler launched on July 13 exclusively for the Nintendo Switch.

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