Octopath Traveler’s New Shipment Sells Out Within Hours In Japan, Used Copy Prices Skyrocket

Octopath Traveler has been available for more than a week now but Square Enix is having trouble meeting the demand in Japan leading to stock shortage after the initial shipment was sold out. They shipped another batch of new copies recently, that has been reportedly sold out and the surprise here was that they were all sold out within hours.

This has led to another apology from Square Enix regarding the current stock situation in Japan. The game has sold 110k copies so far in its debut week with a strong presence digitally and this doesn’t count the sales after that, while the initial shipment was a little under 120k.

The stock situation has led to a surge in the price for the game. Even used copies for Octopath are selling for a high price, as shared by resetERA user Silpheed-mcd. He showed the store price for a used copy in Japan and it was almost the same as a regular new copy.

It is looking more likely that Square Enix didn’t really have high expectations from the game and it is easy to see how the game surpassed them by continuing to sell out any copies that they ship for it.

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Usually, if a game is overshipped, retailers are forced to slash the price in order to move the remaining copies, which isn’t the case for Octopath so far as it is still facing stock shortage judging from the latest official apology from Square Enix.

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