Oculus Plans On Introducing Asynchronous Spacewarp For Lower-End PCs

Virtual reality has been gaining a lot of popularity recently. The experience VR offers to players is extraordinary, however, there is still the issue of affordability. VR headsets are known to be costly, and require powerful and expensive PCs.

Oculus has come up with a solution to this pressing problem with something called Asynchronous Spacewarp (ASW). The name sounds confusing, but the concept behind is actually pretty simple. ASW is a new technology designed with the sole purpose of reducing the threshold for Rift’s compatibility.


In a recent update post, Oculus stated that “Asynchronous Spacewarp (ASW) is a frame-rate smoothing technique that almost halves the CPU/GPU time required to produce nearly the same output from the same content”.

The post further states that ASW will be active and enabled for all applications without any developer effort. However, there might be some visual artifacts present, for instance:

  • rapid brightness changes;
  • object disocclusion trails, which means that when an object moves on the screen, the world behind it will stretch to fill the void that object left;
  • repeated patterns with rapid movements;
  • movement of head-locked items too fast to track properly which might not allow games to proceed smoothly in some cases.

For a more detailed description of ASW, take a look at the update post here.


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