Official Cinematic Trailer Revealed For Mass Effect: Andromeda

The new trailer for For Mass Effect: Andromeda is finally here, and it shows off a mix of in-game footage as well as rendered cutscenes, all the while giving us a look at the story of the game.

Narrated by voice actor Clancy Brown, who has been confirmed as providing the voice for the father of our protagonists, the trailer gives us our first extended look at the male protagonist. He is referred to as the “Pathfinder”, the person in charge of leading the search for a new homeworld for humanity.

The official website reads:

Take the role of the Pathfinder, leading humanity’s search for a new home in this unexplored and unforgiving region of space. You’ll chart your own course, navigating the Andromeda galaxy to unravel its mysteries, discover vivid alien worlds, and lead the charge to find the human race a new home among the stars. You’ll be able to upgrade and customize your gameplay experience with a deep and flexible progression system, and lead your squad into action-packed combat using advanced weaponry, special abilities, and more than a few new tricks.


A new in-depth gameplay trailer is also set to premiere at The Game Awards on 1st December, 2016. Hopefully we will also get a final release date for the game then

Box Art Leaks For Mass Effect: Andromeda

Mass Effect Andromeda is set to release some time in Q1 2017 for the Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and the PC. You can check out the official 4K tech demo for the game here.

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