It’s official: Nvidia announces the GTX 980 Ti

Nvidia has finally made its worst kept secret official. The GPU manufacturer has announced its brand new card, the GTX 980 Ti. If you’ve been following our previous coverage, you should have a fair idea about its technical specifications. The official announcement comes with details on the card’s final specifications, which are perfectly in-line with the previously leaked information.

The great news is that the GTX 980 Ti will be sold for $650, which is lower than what we had speculated. In order to make the deal sweeter, Nvidia is throwing a copy of Batman: Arkham Knight along with the card. If you’ve been on the edge about upgrading your PC with a top-of-the-line graphics card, now would be a great time to do so.

The official statement from Nvidia can be seen below.

The latest addition to our GTX family — the NVIDIA GeForce GTX 980 Ti — has arrived.

Our new flagship GeForce GPU is an amazing upgrade for gamers who haven’t yet jumped to a Maxwell GPU.

In fact, the GTX 980 Ti is up to 3X faster when compared to a GTX 680.

It features 6GB of memory and enough CUDA cores to drive games at 4K. That makes it great for 4K gaming, and great for future games, too. The GTX 980 Ti also features support for Microsoft’s next-generation DirectX 12 graphics application programming interface.

We’ve supercharged all our GTX 900-series Maxwell GPUs with DX12 features that unlock the full promise of the new API. All Maxwell GPUs support DX12, including support for conservative raster and volume tiled resources. This means developers can do more with their games on Maxwell than on any other GPU.

Below is a detailed breakdown of the GTX 980’s specifications.


Nvidia has also provided gaming benchmarks for its latest card, using demanding games like Crysis 3, Metro: Last Light, and Far Cry 4. The performance chart can be seen below.


Below is a chart that compares the GTX 980 Ti with other Nvidia graphics cards.


The comparisons and benchmarks reassure what we’ve known for a while – the GTX 980 Ti is a beast, and it’s time to grab one before it gets sold out! Let us know if you’ll be picking one up in the near future in the comments below.

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