This Is One Of The Most Nasty Looking PS4 That You Will See Today

When it comes to electronics and especially consoles, there are plenty of horror stories to be found when they are opened after years of use. PS4 hasn’t really seen much of these stories until recently when a reddit user has shared the process of opening and cleaning the PS4 of one of his friend who used to smoke weed in the same room as his launch PlayStation 4.

The images below show the horrible state that the PlayStation 4 is currently in after years of being in the same room that wasn’t ventilated so the smoke had nowhere to go.

PS4 Hotbox

Despite the terrible state of the PS4, according to the reddit user, it seems to have worked fine for his friend aside from the loud noise that was a case of the fans working overtime to cool down the console. Of course, the state of the console is not ideal either and shows that even something like smoke can have an effect on the insides of the console. Now try to imagine the same state but for a human lung to get an idea about it.

If you still own a launch PS4 console and are facing noise issues when playing games, it is recommend to open it up and clean out the insides, or atleast the fan, to make sure the console doesn’t get heated leading to the fan overworking itself.

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