Online retailers list June 3rd as Journey’s PS4 release date

A couple of online retailers from Sweden have recently updated their listing for Journey’s PS4 release with an actual release date. If these retailers are to be believed, the game is now set for a physical release on June 3rd of this year.


While this isn’t really a confirmation, retailers are generally informed in advance regarding a game’s launch date, as they need to build an inventory and take in pre-orders. Given that Sony has already confirmed a Summer release window to Gamespot, the game may well be available in June.

[youtube width=”602″ height=”350″ video_id=”8dkUjQezczs”]

Journey’s physical release on PS4 comes bundled with developer ThatGameCompany’s other PSN titles, namely Flower and Flow, in the form of a collector’s edition. While it won’t feature any graphical enhancements, the game will render at 1080p and run at 60fps. At present, there is no word regarding its digital release on PSN. However, it is expected to arrive around the same time as the physical release.

We’ll keep you posted on any formal confirmation regarding Journey’s PS4 release from the publisher in the days to come.

Muhammad Ali Bari

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