The Order 1886: City Screen Is In-Game, Lycans Will Transform In Real-Time; Final Build Graphics Improved

The Order 1886 is the hotly anticipated exclusive for the PlayStation 4 set to release worldwide on February 20th, 2015. It is being developed by Ready at Dawn, who were recently demoing the final build of the game at Taipei Game Show. What’s interesting is that they seems to have made some noticeable improvements to this final The Order 1886 build, particularly to the shadows and lighting. This improvement is more noticeable in one of the scenes seen in the game, which is compared to the PlayStation Experience demo build. You can check out this comparison below.

[twentytwenty]the-order-new-update the-order-old-update[/twentytwenty]

The lighting seems to have been improved here resulting in character models that look better and almost have CGI-like quality to them. The two GIFs below highlight the impact in term of this change in lighting for the characters.

The old build is below while the new build is below it.

In other news, Ready At Dawn’s Community Manager has confirmed that the screenshot of the open city level seen at Taipei Game Show is from in-game, same with the half breed screenshot. He also dropped the news that all the Lycan transformations will be done in real-time in-game and there won’t be any pre-rendered cutscenes for these transformations.

I can confirm this is not concept art, and is from in-game. Same for the Lycan. Also, the transformation of the Lycans are real-time, not pre-rendered.

You can check out most of the screens of The Order 1886 from here. Ru Weerasuriya, who is the creative director at Ready at Dawn, also showed a live demo of the final build at the Taipei Game Show.

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