The Order: 1886 Dev Responds To Graphical Changes In New Build; Comparison Shows Improvements

Ready At Dawn’s Founder Andrea Pessino quickly squashed all the fanboy rumors of The Order: 1886 being “downgraded” when people started to compare the newly released highly compressed footage to the old build.

When The Order: 1886 was streamed on Twitch, it was unfortunately a rather bad stream, not a good way to judge the quality and graphics of the game. There was plenty of screen tearing and drops in frames but as explained by Andrea Pessino, they weren’t actually happening in-game, but more to do with the Twitch streaming.

Thanks everyone! Oh, and the frame rate is actually VERY nice, do not blame us for streaming issues please… : )

there is no tearing when you play the game and if any ever shows up we will squash it. ; )

Some people on NeoGAF decided to compare both builds, even though the newly released footage isn’t exactly of high quality, and as such, not a good measure for comparison. You can check out this comparison below.

Andrea Pessino confirmed that this is not really a “downgrade”, the uniforms for the soldier are different this time around.

those are “infiltration” uniforms, much more logical for combat – the full ceremonial ones are used in other places. : )

the assets are the same or better – you just need a better video.

excuses? Can’t compare a ruined image to full res. Level of detail has not changed, if anything, it is up.

So there you go. This quote is directly from the developer himself squashing all the claims of any sort of “downgrade”. Infact the character models look so much better in the newer build, as compared by NeoGAF member Tratorn.


If you are curious to know how old this new build is, it is about 3 weeks old.

it is very old, like… 3 weeks old. ; )

steady, sturdy 30fps is what we aim for. : )

So what do you think about new build? Let us know in the comments below.

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