The Order 1886: Early User Compares Intro To Last of Us; Leaked Retail Build Shows Some Curious Difference

The Order 1886 will officially release on 20th February but some users are already playing through the game, as well uploading direct-feed footage from their PlayStation 4.

One user on NeoGAF, who also has an early access to the game and has managed to finish it, provided his impressions in a thread.

When asked what he thought of the game, he seemed to be rather impressed with the intro comparing it to the intro of games like Mass Effect 2 and The Last of Us.

All I can really say without spoiling much is the story is phenomenal (so far) Its my favorite intro to a video game in quite some time and I put it up there with Mass Effect 2 and TLOU. The characters were very well thought out and very well acted.

Speaking about the graphics and gameplay, he compares the graphics to a maxed out Assassin’s Creed Unity on PC. He also confirms that soft body physics are indeed in the final game, as promised by Ready at Dawn.

The texture work alone in the Order shits on Metro, It really is hard to put into words how good everything in the game looks. The only other game that currently comes close to what the order does visually is Ass[assin] Creed Unity and only the PC version maxed out.

There was new direct-feed video uploaded by one user, which sadly seems to have been removed now, but we were able to see the same area of the game that we saw in the February 2013 released footage, except this time there seems to be some curious difference in term of in-game graphics. We have compared both of the footage extensively and picked a selection of screenshots and GIFs that aim to show this difference. You can check them below.

If you can’t find the difference from above, the retail build is the one with added post processing effects and with difference in the lighting of the scene. Sir Galahad and his friends also wear a completely different set of clothes. Most of the changes are done to the lighting of the scene and the inclusion of post processing effects results in a muted color palette. Character models themselves seem to be untouched.

This change is pretty evident with the game in action as well, as can be seen below.

[gfycat data_id=”PlaintivePiercingArawana”] [gfycat data_id=”FluffySlipperyGrouper”] [gfycat data_id=”DiligentLonelyDaddylonglegs”] [gfycat data_id=”AssuredScornfulAuklet”]

There are some tweaks to the environment like the removal of the clothesline and the addition of dust particles.

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