The Order: 1886: Enemy AI Explained, Story Will Be A Strong Point Of The Game, HQ Videos And More

The Order: 1886 is an upcoming exclusive that has gotten a lot of hype recently after its recent gameplay footage was streamed on Twitch. Unfortunately, the poor quality of the footage certainly didn’t do the game any justice but it seems like the developers realize the demand for a higher quality video, and they plan to release them in the future.

First of all, Ready at Dawn’s Andrea Pessino addressed (Translated) some of the concerns of the fans regarding the Enemy AI, that we saw in the recent trailer, and how plot will be a strong point of the game along with the graphics.

Don’t worry about framerate, it was just a streaming issue, live it runs smoothly. As for the AI, in that scene where they are dragging the other guy, enemies are scripted to do just that in that very moment.

One of the strongest points (alongside graphics) will be the plot so…on that regard you can relax

Ready at Dawn’s Community Manager J Goldberg talked about the low quality stream on Twitch and ensured that they have plenty of time to release high quality videos. He also hyped up E3, perhaps for the expected The Order: 1886 stage demo, that has been rumored for a while now.

The stream portion is just something new. Sure, streaming quality wasn’t fantastic since it’s not a perfect technology, but there’s plenty of time to release full high quality videos down the road.

Now all aboard the hype train to E3!

The Order: 1886 latest trailer started another silly debate about the game being “downgraded”, which actually isn’t the case, as per the comments made by the developer. In any case, people shouldn’t be quick to jump to conclusion without having to see proper quality gameplay footage.

What are your thoughts over the recent The Order: 1886 reveal? Let us know in the comments below.

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