The Order: 1886 To Get Two Videos Tomorrow, New Trailer And Gameplay Reveal

We all know that there is currently an embargo on The Order: 1886, which ends on 18th February. Sony also confirmed that a new trailer is coming tomorrow. Now it seems like this won’t be the only new video, that is going to be up tomorrow. We are going to see a brand new trailer for The Order: 1886, and it appears we will also get to finally see the gameplay of The Order: 1886.

PSNation have been teasing about The Order: 1886 footage and they posted a screenshot that they took of them editing the Broll footage of The Order: 1886. It seems like just like inFamous: Second Son, there will be a Broll footage available for The Order: 1886 along with a new trailer coming officially from Sony. The press might use the Broll footage for their interviews/previews while the trailer might shed new light on the world and characters of The Order: 1886. PSNation have confirmed that we are indeed getting two videos tomorrow.

The clocks are ticking and while we wait, it is good to know that we are going to get plenty of footage. It has also been rumored that tomorrow’s trailer also carries a release date for The Order: 1886, which might be plausible considering how Sony recently talked about their upcoming games in 2014, and while they missed Uncharted, they listed DriveClub and The Order: 1886. It was also rumored a while ago that it might be targeting Fall 2014 release date, so who knows, it might be true.

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