The Order: 1886 Gets New Direct-Feed Screenshots, New And Old Builds Compared

The Oder: 1886 latest gameplay trailer has yet to receive a proper release in the form of a high quality trailer, but Sony has shared some direct-feed screenshots of the game from the latest gameplay trailer.

The latest trailer showed about 3 minutes of in-game gameplay footage from The Order: 1886, and as such, we can finally have a better quality screenshot to compare both old and new builds with each other.

When the trailer was originally released, we got a comparison between the old build and the new one. This comparison was not a good one since it was done by taking a screen capture from a compressed video, and then using that capture to compare the new build with the old one. The severe compression made it seem like there was loss of quality and detail in the new build, but this wasn’t the case, as explained by the developer themselves.

Since we have finally seen a direct-feed screenshot, we can now have a proper quality comparison between the new build and the old build. (Full sized GIF)

The uniforms are clearly different here, as confirmed by the developer. The difference in lighting is there due to the time of day being different. Notice how the characters now have far more prominent shadows in the new build compared to the old one. As we have seen in another comparison, the character models have also received an update, making them appear much more lively.


The Order: 1886 is set to release at an unspecified date this year.

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