The Order 1886: Never Before Seen Prototype Footage From 2012 Surfaces

The Order 1886 originally started its development back in 2011. Ready at Dawn created their own in-house engine for the game and the end result was a visually stunning game, even if it didn’t fare well with the critics.

Earlier this year, we had a look at some screenshots taken from a prototype build developed in 2012. This extremely early prototype looked slightly different but carried most of the same aesthetics including a third person, over-the-shoulder camera. Ready at Dawn has finally released a short video from this prototype in a recent presentation. You can check out this prototype in action in the video below.

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“You might notice that the character’s motion is more primitive than in the final product, ” said Ready at Dawn in their video presentation. “Our initial approach was heroic proportions and handkeyed stylized animations, but after sprinkling motion capture into the game, we pushed in a more realistic direction.”

In addition to this, Ready at Dawn also showed an early prototype of their real-time transformation system for the Lycan creatures in the game. In this prototype, we can see a slightly different Galahad and a work-in-progress real-time transformation of the Lycan creature.

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As explain by Ready at Dawn in their technical presentation, their aim with The Order 1886 to make the transformations fully real-time. Judging from the final game, they definitely delivered on it.

One of our focuses for The Order: 1886 was to have immersive cinematics that transitioned smoothly into game.

The way we accomplished this was to make EVERYTHING real-time.

This meant that our transformations had to be solved in a way that matched the quality bar we were going for throughout the rest of the game, while making a system light enough that it would still run in real-time.

The Order 1886 was released in February 2015 on the PS4. Ready at Dawn developed the game on their own custom in-house engine. It was published by Sony Computer Entertainment.

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