The Order: 1886 Release Date Pushed To 2015, New Screenshots And Boxart Released

Earlier, we reported about The Order: 1886 being delayed to February 2015. This delay has now been officially confirmed by Sony. The game was originally slated for a 2014 release, and was apparently targeting Fall 2014 as per the developer. Sadly, it has now been delayed, but not for a bad reason, as explained by Ready at Dawn’s chief Ru Weerasuriya.

Speaking with Eurogamer, Ru Weerasuriya explained the reason behind this delay.

“We have an open discussion with Sony all the time,” Weerasuriya explains. “We said, ‘Look, we can achieve the quality you expect everywhere, but delivering on this is going to take a few more months.’

“It’s not that long. It’s worth it if we can deliver on the promise we made.”

The Order: 1886 received an official first look at the gameplay this year in February. The game promises CGI quality visuals mixed with real-time gameplay, offering a cinematic experience that evokes a feeling of Gears of War mixed with Uncharted. There is no doubt that The Order: 1886 looks beautiful visually. Hopefully the delay can help the developers polish the game further, and fix some of the complaints regarding its gameplay.


The Order: 1886 official boxart has also been revealed, as can be seen above. You can check out a whole new set of screenshot below from the latest gameplay reveal.

What are your thoughts about The Order: 1886? Are you excited for it? Let us know in the comments below.

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